Monday, June 4, 2007
Business metrics
A hypothesis for you: it seems that the more time I have to spend killing time via surfing the 'net at work, the shorter the time I can expect to remain employed there.

Maybe someone should build a small aggregate logging system to determine company health this way...

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Blogger Geoffrey Wiseman said...
So, when you say the more time I have, do you mean you have time because:

a. there's no real work to get done

b. the work is held up by other company processes

c. you have work to do, but have a hard time focusing on it because:

c.i. the work itself is unappealing

c.ii. your malaise for the state of the company

I've gone through each of those at times, so I'm curious.

Blogger Justin George said...
All of the above. I'd add in 'someone is remodeling next door' and 'noisy phone calls' to that list, but in general, you're dead on.

I think the most pernicious is B. There's nothing more frustrating than knowing what needs done, and being unable to do it.

Blogger Kirrily said...
Ha! Great metric. Definitely true for me.